1847 – Prize Mares and Foals, Northampton


This image is the second of two, making up a full page feature published in the July 31st 1847 edition, of “The Illustrated London News”, the other being of Prize winning “Stallion and Sheep”. We feel that this is significant, as for the first time, the artist is named at the top of the image, (shown in detail below) as though Harrison has decidedly shown that he has come of age as an illustrator, and has sought that his name be firmly recognised on his work. He has finally broken the bonds of Smyth, the engraver and fellow illustrator for the News, and is duly recognised for his own efforts. In a reminiscence of his early working career, Weir tells of how ‘many of his earliest images were printed without his name’, and in many cases these would appear to only show the name of the engraver SMYTH, with no assertion as to whether Smyth was artist or illustrator or both (as he was capable of both). The end of that probable era, appears to coincide with these illustrations of the Prize-winning horses and sheep at the Royal Agricultural Society show held at Northampton. Weir was no doubt pushing hard for this recognition which was not only deserved, but deemed necessary now that he had a four month old son to provide for. This particular  image is bold and forthright, nothing timid here, but in the composition there is an element of a “Herring-esk” quality, perhaps the influence of his famous horse-painter father-in-law, slightly rubbing off!  But the strong attention to physical conformity is clearly Weir, through and through. Available currently in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: Prize Mares and Foals, Northampton, 1847       Detail: Prize Mares and Foals, Northampton, 1847

Details: 1847 – Prize Mares and Foals, Northampton

Detail: Prize Mares and Foals, Northamption, 1847       Detail: Prizes Award at Northampton 1847, by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1847 – Prize Mares and Foals, Northampton.  Detail: Heading showing artists name at top of page.

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