1847 – Arthur’s Birthday Party


This colourful setting is entitled “Arthur’s Birthday Party” and is a full page frontispiece illustration for the “Green’s Nursery Annual”, published by Darton & Clark, in 1847. The book contains a number of colour illustrations by Weir, some of the earliest known. The birthday story is but one of the many stories included in the book, and that particular story relates to the 8th Birthday of one Arthur Maitland, but by coincidence, Weir’s firstborn son, was also named Arthur, and was born in March of that year. His full name was Arthur Herring Weir, no doubt in honour of his maternal grandfather, John F Herring Snr. However, we know that the artwork was likely to have been produced in 1846, as a gift inscription inside the book is dated Christmas of that year. This delightful image includes a group of little girls placing a garland of roses about the neck of a sheep, while Arthur Maitland rides upon his pony. The colours in this illustration are vibrant, having already lasted for nearly 170 years. The enlargements in the details provided, attest to that. Weir formed a long and lasting friendship with the Darton publishing family. One member of the family wrote a tribute to Weir which is included on this site. An ideal print for a young girls bedroom, currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: Arthur's Birthday Party, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Arthur's Birthday Party, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1847 – Arthur’s Birthday Party

1847 Green's Nursery Annual ..Frontispiece by HW Detail 4       Detail: Arthur's Birthday Party, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1847 – Arthur’s Birthday Party

Artists Signature in Plate, Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Greens Nursery Annual 1847

Details: 1847 – Arthur’s Birthday Party    (First detail: Artist’s signature in plate, Second detail: Book Cover)

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