Sample Colour Prints in A3, A2 and A4 sizes respectively, in a straight row.

Sample Colour Prints in A3,A2 and A4 sizes respectively, overlapped.

 We aim to please….but these are the things that we would like you to know up front:



All prints are produced on a Print-On-Demand basis. We do not hold stocks on hand, but produce new prints each time, according to the orders received. We pay great attention to detail, so for the best results we require a minimum 3 day turnaround to process your order.


All images offered have been scanned at a very high resolution, creating electronic files of a significant size. This is to ensure the very best quality when reproduced in the selected format and size.  However, it should be noted, that our images are sourced from “antique” 19th and early 20th century originals, and accordingly will come with any imperfections that exist in the original. Although we do spend considerable time removing obvious imperfections and/or correcting minor marks, all images are offered on an “as per original” basis.

Due to the high resolution of the originating scans, we have found that many images are capable of being rendered as large as A1 in size, without significant loss of quality. But we will only offer an image in sizes that we feel will give you the best and most consistent quality outcomes. If an option you would prefer is not readily available, we do encourage you to contact us and we will give you a fair and honest appraisal of the quality you can expect from a specific image and size.


All prints offered are either printed in Black and White or in Full Colour. The size options are A4, A3, A2 and occasionally A1. Not all items will be available in ALL size options.

A4 and A3 prints are all produced on a quality 200 gsm Colotech Satin finish stock on a Ricoh Colour Printer.

A2 and A1 prints are all produced on a quality 200 gsm GBC Studiojet Photoposter Satin finish stock on a Canon Colour Printer.


The images in our galleries do not automatically conform to the preset Portrait and Format frames that populate our galleries. This means that in many cases we have had to arbitrarily crop the images when loading them to our site. Some images are larger, longer, wider or higher/deeper than they may appear in our frames. Usually this appears fairly obvious.

If you wish to see an extended or full version of any image that you are interested in obtaining a print from, we encourage you to contact us for clarification and we will be only too happy to provide you with a low resolution image showing the fully formatted print, so that you can make an informed decision prior to finalizing a purchase.

All prints carry the name of HARRISON WEIR on bold print, and in smaller print, we provide provenance and/or publication data where this is appropriate. The prints are styled in a manner that will allow you to either include or exclude the printing when opting to frame your print.


Many of our prints are sourced from now rare publications and although we can offer sets of prints, these may be currently distributed across a variety of the themed galleries. If you are therefore interested in obtaining a set of prints from a specific publication or source material, please email us with your enquiry and we will be happy to provide you with relevant listings of what we can offer you and a quote to fulfil any possible order.

Our prints are eminently suitable for your Home, your Office, the Boardroom, or equally in a Hotel or Motel environment, themed to suit a decor, or a specific bird or animal subject matter. Tell us your needs or desires and we will be more than happy to suggest options or recommend a package tailored specifically to suit you.


We have organised our product categories to help you find related material or subject matter. For example, if you are looking at Birds and take a fancy to a Pigeon illustration, and are a Pigeon Fancier, you will find on the Product Page, below the description, some links, one of which will be,”Pigeons”. Click on that, and the system will bring up all our available prints on the subject of pigeons in one place for you to browse. If a particular print comes from one book on a specialist topic or title, you will find in the same place, the book title, and by clicking on that link the system will bring up all the images we have available currently from that publication.


All orders for exclusively A4 size prints shall be shipped in a flat heavy cardboard envelope that is suitable for long-haul shipment. If you order other sizes at the same time, we will then ship the prints in a tube, and include the A4 prints as well, for a saving on combined shipping.

A sample of an A4 size print, within frame. This image is of a Newfoundland Dog drawn by Harrison Weir for the 1863 publication of “Our Dumb Companions” by Thomas Jackson and published by S W Partridge & Co. London.

A sample of an A4 size print, within frame. This print is a composite of the same Newfoundland Dog, drawn by Harrison Weir, but published on the front page of “Harpers Weekly”, March 9th,1867, with all references to the artist removed. Below is another drawing of a Newfoundland Dog by Harrison Weir, produced for the Vere Foster series of copy books, in circa 1868.

A sample of an A4 print in colour, within frame. This is taken from an Original Water-colour by Harrison Weir, dated 1902. The original is now part of our permanent collection. These three images show how a similar theme has received three different treatments over a period of 39 years.

The above is an enlargement of the middle print for clarification and to show more detail.

The above is an enlargement showing one of the A4 size Colour Prints from the top of the page, in more detail.