A   “Our Cats”  – R Clements & Co. (UK)  1889            Large Format Numbered & Signed Edition 12/120

B   “Our Cats”  – R Clements & Co. Edition (UK) 1889

C   “Our Cats” – Houghton Edition (USA) 1889

D   The Pigeon Club, Illustrated London News 1890

E   J M Darton’s “Brave Boys”. Self Portrait – c1890

F   The Illustrated London News 50 yrs,Artists,1892

G   Some Lewes Men of Note. C1895

H   The British Workman – Autobiography 1901

I   The Poultry Book, 1902

J   The Book of the Cat – Frances Simpson, 1903

K   Photo c1903/1904. Gardeners Chronicle, 1906

L   Photo c1904, from: British Poultry Husbandry,  by Sir Edward Brown, 1930

1874 – 50th Birthday Celebration for Harrison Weir in the Gardens at Weirleigh in Brenchley, Kent.

1874 – 50th Birthday Celebration detail:  Harrison Weir standing behind the table with arm across his chest.

1880 – March 6th – A Savage Club Dinner, attended by a mix of Writers, Artists, Actors and Politicians.

1880 – March 6th – A Savage Club Dinner. Detail: Harrison Weir possibly centre, looking forward, behind the man standing.

1883 – July. The Savage Club Costume Ball at The Albert Hall, in aid of the Royal College of Music.

1883 – July. The Savage Club Costume Ball. Detail: Possibly Harrison Weir, accompanied by daughter Grace and second wife Alice.