This Gallery is dedicated to Dogs and Puppies and contains images of all things Canine


     You can tell
     by the kindness of a dog
     how a human should be…

Don Van Vliet

     The bond with a true dog
      is as lasting as the ties of
      this earth shall ever be…

Konrad Lorenz


1847 – HM presents St.Bernard to Zoological Society

1855 – Chamois and St Bernard Dogs owned by Mr Albert Smith

1856 – The Royal Staghounds

1883 – Hitting It Off : The Mid-Kent Staghounds




1873 – Pointer & Setter Grouse Trials at Rhiwlas North Wales

1871 – Among the Prairie Hens

1861 – Prize Dogs at the Leeds Show

1858 – Horses and Hounds

1870 – The Dogs Dinner Party