Portrait and Landscape Galleries  – Available Now!

In the original plan for this web-site, the intention was to only host images drawn or painted by Harrison Weir. However, as the acknowledged “Father of the Cat Fancy”, Weir’s legacy in the world of cats and for cats, is extensive.

In the process of collecting material created by him especially to do with cats, we have also found many other items of historical significance to the history of the Cat Fancy, the establishment of which, he was primarily responsible. We have also unearthed a number of interesting items related to the early British cat fancying public, which we felt also warranted preservation.

To this end a decision was taken to add a small number of BONUS CAT GALLERIES that would allow fanciers and collectors, access to images they may not otherwise be able to obtain, and as an additional historical resource. These images will be accessible through these Bonus Galleries (separately listed from the Animal and Bird themed galleries which are exclusively Weir created), but included in the relevant Product Categories of the site.

The first two of these galleries relates to 19th and early 20th century images of the first cat shows. Galleries to follow may include a separation of Cat Fancy Ephemera, as well as Cat themed political cartoons or art which contain a measure of social commentary using the “Cat” as the basis for doing so.

The below images are just examples of the sort of material we have uncovered….and which we hope that you will also enjoy in the attached Galleries as they are created.


Winners of First Prizes in the Crystal Palace Cat Show 1891. Artist: R H Moore Published November 7th, 1891 in ‘Black and White’

Gipsies shewing a Prize Cat – Artist: George Woodward, engraved: P.Roberts       Circa: 1797-1806 – Dedicated to the Caticultural Society

New Features Coming soon!……….


Portrait and Landscape Galleries  – Coming soon!

We are currently working on two new features for THE CAT SITE, one is a Gallery dedicated to Historic Photo Prints, of actual cats,  cat breeders and exhibitors, and judges of the past. Many of these images are well over 100 years old and a good number are ONLY available through THIS SITE, as in those cases, the original photos are part of our collection and are therefore subject to copyright. View famous show and breeding cats of the past and learn more about your pedigree cat’s heritage!

Here are some samples of the Historic Photo Prints…plan to buy yours! or secure one as a unique gift for a friend who is an ardent cat fancier!

Ch.Oaklands Steadfast (1913)  Born July 31,1911      Blue Persian BIS winner.

Ch.Kew Laddie (1903) Born: March 18,1901                Cream Persian Prize Winner.

Crystal (1903)  Born: April 10, 1898                                   Blue-eyed White Persian Prize Winner.