This Gallery is dedicated to Land Birds, Song Birds, Cage Birds, Pigeons, Parrots and Birds of Prey


     The Bird of Paradise
     alights only on the hand
     that does not grasp…

                                                        John Berry

     Faith is the bird
     that feels the light 
     when the dawn is still dark…

Rabindranath Tagore

1860 – Green Parrot

1860 – Great White Cockatoo

1861 – Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

1871 – The Pleading of the Birds

1866 – Robin and Nestlings

1863 – The Feathered Builders and their homes

1879 – Pigeons

c1868 – Magpie and Nest

c1868 – Robin and Nest

c1868 – Wrens and Nest

c1868 – Goldfinches and Nest

c1868 – Blackbird and Nest

c1868 – Dippers and Nest

c1868 – Skylarks and Nest

c1868 – Linnets and Nest

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